Meet the 2017-2018 International Teaching Interns

Eden Prairie High School International Intern

Srta. Oñate (Nataly)

Chile   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Oñate is from Nacimiento, Chile. She lives with her mother, father and brother. She attended a technical high school where she studied as an administrative secretary. She commuted two hours each day to attend high school in Los Ángeles city. She played the violin in the high school orchestra for 5 years.

She studied pedagogy of English language for high school at Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción and participated in various conferences about educational methodologies at different universities in Chile. She did her professional practicum in a public high school in Concepción.

During 2016-2017, Srta. Oñate worked as an English tutor for students studying different career fields at the same university.  She finished her studies at the university in June 2017.  Since 2011, she has participated in the university choir.

In her spare time, Srta. Oñate likes to go hiking, to sing and play the violin or guitar, and to participate in cultural activities. She is looking forward to sharing her culture and language with people in the U.S.


Central Middle School International Intern

Srta. Salvador (Carla)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Salvador was born in Brazil and lived near the border of Paraguay and Argentina.  She moved to Valladolid (Castilla y León), Spain when she was 7 years old. Her father is a retired coal miner and her mother works in a nursing home. She has an older brother and sister, both of which live in Brazil.

Srta. Salvador focused her education on English studies and speaks four languages; Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

Srta. Salvador is excited to learn about the people and culture of the U.S.  She enjoys learning about traditions around the world and having the opportunity to practice the language.

In her spare time, Srta. Salvador likes walking, swimming, watching movies, spending time with friends and listening to music.




Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion School International Interns

Sr. Obregón (Alberto)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Obregón is from Spain and is 21 years old. He currently lives with his parents and two younger siblings. They are a close family and enjoy doing things together. He has also lived in Ciudad Real while studying at the university and in Portugal while participating in an Erasmus exchange/scholarship program.

Sr. Obregón has a degree in teaching and works as a sports monitor. He feels very lucky to have a job that incorporates his passion, playing sports. He is excited to learn about American culture while interning in Minnesota.

As an active person, Sr. Obregón likes playing sports, especially basketball. He has been playing basketball for 10 years. He is a people person and enjoys meeting new people and traveling to the farthest inhospitable places. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies and reading books to relax.




Srta. Cerpa (Carolina)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Cerpa grew up in the Canary Islands of Spain on the island of Lanzarote. Her parents run a telecommunications company on the island. She has an older sister, Cristina, who lives and works in Madrid. Her father likes to grow orchids in their greenhouses and her mother is a member of the local Rotary Club.

Srta. Cerpa studied Early Childhood Education in Zaragoza.  She has volunteered with two organizations, Caritas and Universitarios con la Infancia, that support children from poor unstable families. She has volunteered as a camp monitor and a school support teacher with these organizations.

Srta. Cerpa and her family like traveling and have visited Italy (Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Bari, Pisa), Turkey, Mexico, Holland, USA (San Francisco, Las Vegas, Yosemite, Colorado Canyon, Miami), London and Portugal.

In her spare time, Srta. Cerpa likes running, swimming, going to the beach, watching movies, spending time with friends, doing crafts, shopping, traveling and hiking.



Sr. Torres (Daniel)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Torres was born and raised in Medellín, Colombia. He lives with his sister, mother and aunts in Medellín, while his father and his father’s family live in the capital city, Bogotá.

Sr. Torres attended high school in INEM (Instituto de Educación Media Diversificada) where students could choose a specialization.  He chose social work to work with children and the elderly.  After high school, he studied production and quality while working for plastics and cosmetics factories.  He currently works as a waiter on weekends.

Sr. Torres loves learning about people.  He feels everyone has a valuable history and something to teach others.  He is excited to practice his English while in the U.S.

In his spare time, Sr. Torres likes watching movies, listening to music and would love to parachute or ride in a hot air balloon.  He has spent a great deal of time collecting signatures in support of an anticorruption campaign to change laws in his home country.



Srta. Guerrero (Ximena)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Guerrero was raised in Bogotá, Colombia.  Her father, Oliverio, is a retired policeman and her mother, Bianca, is a tailor.  She has three brothers, Juan Carlos, Ivan and William.  Juan Carlos was a police officer who died years ago protecting their country.  Ivan is a former police officer and helicopter pilot for the Colombian National Police (CNP). He currently works for a U.S. company supporting the CNP aviation branch.  William is an IT engineer working at a local bank.  She also has a pet cat and dog.

Srta. Guerrero discovered her interest in theater and has participated in many plays in French, English and South American novels and tales.  She currently works with both university students and adults tutoring them in French and English.  These experiences have strengthened her teaching philosophy.

In her spare time, Srta. Guerrero enjoys spending time with her friends and family, doing extreme sports such as rock climbing and zip lining, and learning new things.



Sr. Romero (Edwin)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Romero was raised in Tunja, Colombia, one of the coldest cities in the country.  His mother, Mariela, is a skilled weaver, making elaborate clothing such as sweaters and jackets.  One of his sisters, Adriana, works on repairing computers while the other, Yenny, is a nurse at the local hospital while studying law at the university.

Sr. Romero is in his ninth semester as a student of the Modern Languages.  He is studying teaching English and Spanish.  He is passionate for teaching due to its powerful impact on improving society.  He hopes to eventually obtain a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and Literature, to study music, and travel the world.

Sr. Romero has been learning to play guitar, a gift from his sister one Christmas.  Through a program at his university, he was able to create a band named Lamairé.  Practicing his music while exploring other genres of music is one of his favorite pastimes.

In his spare time, Sr. Romero likes to read, spend time with his friends and family, drink coffee, walk and watch action and horror movies.



Srta. Herrera (Isidora)

Chile   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Herrera was raised in Concepcion, Chile.  Her mother, Juana, stayed at home with the children and now works at a jewelry shop.  Her father, Carlos, is a merchant marine.  Her older sister, Carla, is a lawyer working for the government and her younger brother, Matias, is studying material engineering.

Srta. Herrera fell in love with education during a 6-month teaching assistant program in South Africa.  Returning to Chile, she enrolled in English pedagogy and finished her degree with honors last year.  Currently she is teaching private lessons to students.

Srta. Herrera loves to travel as it provides the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of various places as well as meeting new people.

In his spare time, Srta. Herrera enjoys spending as much time as possible with her friends and family as they are her biggest treasure in life.  Sundays are spent eating and watching movies while enjoying each others company.



Sr. Morán (José)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Morán was raised in Santa Ana, El Salvador.  His father, Santos Manuel, is a principal for a public school and his mother, Clara Luz, is a kindergarten teacher.  He has one brother and three sisters.  His oldest sister, Gabriela, is currently a teacher while the other two sisters, Adriana and Josselyn are studying to be teachers.  His brother is a soccer player for their national team, C.D. FAS.

Sr. Morán enjoys developing activities such as songs, dramas, and role plays for children and teens.  He is in his last year of school studying to become an English teacher.  He loves working with others.

Sr. Morán loves animals and has had many pets throughout his life including 7 dogs, 2 turtles, a cat and some fish.  Currently his only pet is his 5-year-old dog, Toby.

In his spare time, Sr. Morán enjoys playing and watching soccer.  His favorite teams are Real Madrid and C.D. FAS.  He likes to cook and will watch YouTube videos to learn how to prepare dishes.  He also likes to watch movies, draw, and play video games.


Sr. Pineda (Kike)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Pineda was raised in Usulután City, El Salvador.  His hometown is a warm place with many places to enjoy.  He goes by the nickname “Kike”.  His father is an electrician and his mother stays at home.  His younger sister is studying nursing and his younger brother is finishing up high school.

Sr. Pineda is studying English at Universidad Gerardo Barrios.  He is especially looking forward to practicing his English while in the U.S.

Sr. Pineda spends most of his time with his family where they watch movies and enjoy each others company. He considers himself to be very humble and independent.  He enjoys helping around the house and being active.

In his spare time, Sr. Pineda likes to hike, walk, watch movies and spend time with friends.  He also likes visiting new places and learning new things.  Having pets at home, a dog and cat, has strengthened his love for animals.



Srta. Cornudella (Mar)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Cornudella was raised in Madrid, Spain.  Her father is an engineer and her mother is a doctor.  She has one brother, Ferran, who is studying Biology.  The family has one pet, a border Collie named Dylan.

Srta. Cornudella finished her degree in Primary Education at the University. She has always wanted to be a teacher because of her love for children and her fondness for their natural way of being and happiness.  Currently she is working as a teacher’s aide in a private school.

Srta. Cornudella enjoys traveling with her family.  She has visisted many different cities such as London, Paris, and New York.  She has also traveled to Italy and Australia.

In her spare time, Srta. Cornudella likes to go to the movies and spend time with friends.  Her neighborhood has several parks and restaurants.  She also enjoys sports such as dancing and, occasionally, running.



Sr. Santamaria (Osmin)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Santamaria was raised in Caserio El Refugio Canton San Benito, El Salvador. His family lives in the countryside raising chickens, horses, pigs and crops such as beans, pumpkins and cucumbers.  He has 6 brothers and sisters.  His father died last year.  Due to the difficulties of traveling to school from the country he currently lives in Santa Ana with his cousin.  Living so far from his family has taught him how to overcome challenges and be independent.

Sr. Santamaria is in his fifth year of studies at the Catholic University of El Salvador.  He loves English and teaching which helped him choose his education specialization in English.

Sr. Santamaria considers himself to be a religious person, occasionally attending church and leading Sunday school classes.

In his spare time, Sr. Santamaria likes to spend time with his family, read, watch television, visit new places, and try new things.



Srta. Ropero (Paula)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |   Andreita–8–

Srta. Ropero was raised in Bogotá, Colombia where she lives with her grandmother.  Her mother is a lawyer and manages companies.  She currently lives in Mexico.  Her father has a company dedicated to the realization of family events of business.

Srta. Ropero graduated in April from the University Libre as a teacher of English, French and Spanish.  She is anxious to begin her experience as a teacher and to learn about new cultures and places. In the future, she hopes to obtain a Masters degree and learn more about children’s emotions.

In her spare time, Srta. Ropero enjoys hiking and going to the beach.  She appreciates nature and especially enjoys places where she feels calm and at peace.  She loves animals and has a dog and cat of her own.





Srta. Astudillo (Sara)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Astudillo was raised in Zamora, Spain.  She has a brother and a sister and spends much of her time with her family.  They love to travel and have visited many places around Europe.  Traveling is her favorite hobby, one she feels fortunate to be able to do as a family.

Srta. Astudillo considers herself to be very social and open minded.  She spent an academic year in Rome on an Erasmus grant.  While in Italy, she learned a new language, experienced a new culture and made many new friends.  She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was able to have her family come visit.

In her spare time, Srta. Astudillo likes crafts.  She has made jewelry, earring and pencil holders among many other things.  She loves animals and has had three dogs, a rabbit, a hedgehog and some cats as pets throughout her life.




Sr. Santana (Víctor)

Chile   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Santana is from Chile and lives in Valparaíso. His home town is La Calera, and he is the youngest of four children. His mother, Guacolda, owns a pastry shop and bakery in La Calera. She makes cakes, cookies, empanadas and more. His oldest sister, Jenny, lives in La Calera as well and is a painter, has a café, and has three children. His other sister, Paula, is a special education teacher and has two children. She lives in La Cruz, a city next to La Calera. His brother, Sergio, went to Australia in March to live, study and work. He is an engineer.

Sr. Santana is studying English pedagogy and currently working on this thesis. He works as an English teacher at a language school in Viña del Mar. He loves learning languages and can speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. He would also like to learn German and Japanese someday.

In his spare time, Sr. Santana likes going to the gym, going for walks, talking with people, rollerblading, listening to music, and watching movies.



Srta. Díaz (Tatiana)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Díaz is from Colombia and lives in Boyacá. Boyacá is located in the center of Colombia. The people there are very kind and happy. It is a well-known region of Colombia and the location of events involved in the Colombian Independence.

She has a small family she loves very much. She lives with her father and step mother and has two brothers, Alexander and Fabian. Alexander is an electrical engineer and lives with his wife and daughter. Her other brother, Fabian, is a lawyer and lives in Soata. Her mother passed away when she was 10 which was very difficult for her, but everything she does is in honor of her mother’s memory.

Srta. Díaz is in a modern languages program in Tunja-Boyacá studying English. She believes that her real vocation is be an English teacher. She decided to participate in the intern program to improve her English and learn about our culture.

In her spare time, Srta. Díaz likes to travel, spend time with friends and skate. She enjoys helping people.




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