Meet the 2018-2019 International Teaching Interns

Eden Prairie High School International Intern

Sr. Marcos (Andrés)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Marcos is from Spain and is 23 years old. He currently lives with his parents and two siblings. He grew up in a town called Guadalajara. Sr. Marcos earned a degree in chemical engineering, but decided that he wanted to study to be a teacher because both of his parents are teachers and he thinks it is a fun and grateful profession.  He has been studying his masters in secondary chemistry and physics education.

He loves to travel and visit new places and is excited to see new cities and all Minnesota has to offer. He is excited to learn about American culture while interning in Minnesota.

One of Sr. Marcos’ passions is music. He has been playing the guitar since he was 13. He performs and also writes his own songs.

As an active person, Sr. Marcos likes being active and especially likes soccer. He has played both indoor and outdoor soccer. He is a people person and enjoys meeting new people and doing different activities. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies and hanging out with friends.


Central Middle School International Intern

Srta. Canal (Valentina)

Columbia   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Canal is from Colombia and lives in Imagué. Imagué is known in Colombia as the musical city. It is very hot, but also very fresh. She spent her childhood in Manizales but has moved back and forth between Manizales and Ibagué a few times. Srta. Canal graduated last year from the University of Tolima with an English Teaching degree.

She has a small, close family. Her father’s name is Juan José and he works for the government and her mother is Julialba and she works in a homeopathic medical center. She has one older brother named Juan Sebastian. She has a very special relationship with her brother, he is her best friend. He is a musician and drummer and is working on a masters degree in Latin and Afro percussion and has traveled internationally with some Colombian folklore bands.

In her spare time, Srta. Canal likes to travel and visit new places with her brother, listen to new music, try new food. She also likes art, photography, cooking and dancing.




Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion School International Interns

Sr. Sanchis (Carlos)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Sanchis is from Valencia, Spain.  He is the fifth of seven siblings, and he is already an uncle of a neice and nephew!

Sr. Sanchis is studying Elementary Education with a specialty in children with special needs.  He discovered his love for kids and teaching from being a volunteer at a youth  association where he helped with camps and activities.

As an active person, Sr. Sanchis likes to play outdoor games and play board games of any kind with his siblings. He also likes to go on excursions, read, watch interesting movies and play sports. While in Minnesota he wants to watch and learn about American football matches.




Sr. Gonzalez (Celer)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Gonzalez is from San Salvador, El Salvador and grew up in his hometown of San Marcos. San Marcos is close to one of the tourist attractions of El Salvador, La puerta del diablo, a big rock formation. He lives with his uncle Jose Luis who is an architect and his grandmother Maria Blanca. His mother Iris, lives only 2 blocks away with his 12 year old brother Alvaro.

Sr. Gonzalez is in his last year studying English at the Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador with a special focus in teaching.

In his spare time, Sr. Gonzalez  enjoys reading sci-fi books, weightlifting, and playing board games of all kinds. He likes to play board games with his friends and his grandfather’s best friend, Mr. Roberto.

Sr. Gonzalez has never traveled abroad, but is excited to experience Minnesota!



Sr. Chico (Enol)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Chico is from Spain and is 24 years old. He was born in Madird, but moved to Valladolid as a child.His fathers name is Jesus and his mother’s name is Eugenia. He also has an older brother who was an Amity intern in Minnesota a few years ago and is now an elementary teacher. They also have a boxer named Chito.

He has a degree in Primary Education from the Univeristy of Valldolid wth a specialization in Listening and Language. With this specialty he works with children who have needs in the areas of reading, writing and speaking.

Sr. Chico likes to spend time with his family and friends. This summer he spent time with his family, grandparents and cousins at a house his grandparents have in León. He loves to travel and a few years ago got to visit Italy and France with his friends. He also enjoys being a volunteer and being a part of the Scout program.



Srta. Ruberte (Eva)

Spain  |   Full Year   |

Srta. Ruberte was raised in Ponferrada, Spain.  She grew up in a neighborhood called Compostilla. She lives with her parents Araceli and Emilio. Her mother is a housewife and her father works for an important electricity company. Srta. Ruberte is an only child, but has always wanted a sister.

Srta. Ruberte has lived in Segovia while she has been studying Pre-Primary Education. She has known since a very young age that she wanted to work with children and be teacher. She has a lot of patience and desire for them. She is proud of having studied in Segovia because she has met people that will be important in her in the future.

Her city of Ponferrada is a beautiful city as is the whole region of Bierzo. The city has very rich food of which her favorite is the “botillo”. When at home she likes to go out with her friends and visit new places.



Srta. Gutiérrez (Gheraldin)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Gutiérrez was raised in Sogamoso, Colombia.  The city where she was raised houses the Chibcha Museo del Oro archeological museum. Her father, Audoro, is a welder. She has three siblings, Lady Dayana, Danilo, and Jordi Esteban.  Lady Dayana is a chemical engineer and works for a big company. Danilo is a bus driver and entrepreneuer who has a business with his wife. Jordi is studying personal training.

Srta. Gutiérrez  is studying psychopedagodgy which is an applied study of psycology and different aspects of education. She has worked with many different age groups and is excited to gain knowledge and experience outside of her country that have to do with her career. She would also like to learn more languages.

In her spare time, Srta. Gutiérrez enjoys going to the gym with her brother  and spending time as a volunteer. She likes to help people and share what she knows about health.  She has even spent 4 years as a Red Cross volunteer.



Sr. Yánes (Kevin)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Yanés was born in Santa Rosa de Lima, El Salvador, which is a rural área. He currently lives with his parents, Carlos and Norma, and his brother, Rolando. Both he and his brother are studying. His brother is in his third year of nursing.  Sr. Yanés is in his last year of studies at Universidad Andrés Bello, studying Translation and Interpretation

Something else that Sr. Yanés does is be a radio DJ. He works at a radio station in his city. He also likes to do dubbing  and to imitate cartoons.

In his spare time, Sr. Santamaria likes to play soccer, volleyball, ping pong, do Rubik’s cubes, chess, go hiking or biking, and spend time with friends and family.



Sr. Martinez (Luis)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Martinez was born in Bogotá, but raised in a town called Guatavita, close to the capital city. His family lives together in Guatavita, but he lives in Bogotá due to his studies. His parents are Ana and Luis, and his siblings are  Yamid, Laura and Juan Pablo. He also has a dog named Lulu.

He has lived in Bototá for 6 years while he studied and started work. Sr. Martinez works as an English teacher. He has some younger students, but most of them are even older than he is. Even though he lives far away, he tries to visit his family and friends often because they are very important to him.

In his spare time, Sr. Martinez  likes walk, read and exercise. In living in Botogá, he has seen that he is good at making friends and is excited to make new friends here in the United States.

He really loves teaching and is motivated to share culture in his classes. He is proud of his country and his culture and is ready to share it with this experience here in Eden Prairie.



Srta. Asprilla (Mely)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Asprilla was born in Buenaventura, Colombia but moved to Cali, which is the capital of Valle del Cauca, when she was 14. Her father’s name is David, and she has a younger sister and two older brothers. Srta. Asprilla lives with her father, younger sister Lisa, and cousin Wenday. Lisa and Wenday are her best friends. They are all close in age and like to go shopping, to restaurants, travel around Colombia, or just be at home and play games like Uno or charades.

The city of Cali is known as the capital of salsa, so nearly all of the people in Cali dance salsa. In the month of December there is a special event called Cali Fair where people can participate in a number of cultural activities.

Srta. Asprilla  graduated this spring Santiago de Cali University with a degree in Foreign Languages. She has been working as an English teacher for 5 years, and has experience with a lot of different ages. She loves teaching English and things that it is not only important to learn Grammar and vocabulary, but also the culture. She is excited to share her culture here in Minnesota.



Sr. Villatoro (Asael)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Villatoro is from San Miguel, El Salvador. His country to so small that they call it the “pulcarcito de Centro América”. He likes his country, but he doesn’t like the weather because it is so hot. He has a sister and brother who are twins and he has a good relationship with them. He also has a girlfriend named Blanca.

Sr. Villatoro has been studying English at the Universidad Gerardo Barrios.

In his spare time, Sr. Villatoro enjoys reading, watching videos about entrepreneurship, the stock market and business. He also likes attending spinning class.

In El Salvador he worked at a  school near his house and it gave him great motivation to learn more, which is why he is motivated to learn as much as he can with his internship so he can take what he learns back to El Salvador.



Srta. Abarca (Paz)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Abarcas was raised in Guatoteci, Cabañas, El Salvador.  Guatoteci means “place of hidden treasures”.  The main town in her city is Sensuntepeque, which means “place of four hundred hills” and there are actually lots of hills in the town. She likes her town because it is quiet and you know a lot of the people. She lives with her parents, Isael and Carmen. She has one half sister and one brother, Sandra and Elvin.

Srta. Abarca is studying English at Universidad Católica de El Salvador. Her love for English started when she was in primary school, and has been studying it ever since..

She is a part of the youth group at her church Parroquia el Señor de las Misericordia. She likes it because she gets to meet a lot of people both from her town and other parts of El Salvador.

Srta. Abarca likes to  listen to music and her favorite singer is Ed Sheeran.  She also likes to spend time with friends and be out in nature.





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