Meet the 2016-2017 International Teaching Interns

EPHS International Intern

felipeSr. Montoya (Felipe)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Montoya lives in Tunja with his aunt and her two daughters while his sister lives in Yopal and his mother lives in Popayán. These cities are not near each other and the climates are very different. It is very cold in Tunja, very warm in Yopal and temperate in Popayán. Sr. Montoya and his family do not wait until special occasions to see each other and travel often to spend time together. 

Sr. Montoya is studying modern languages at the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia. He really loves teching, and English is one of his favorite languages. As part of his studies, he assisted an English teacher at a governmental school. Although he is an adult, children make him feel young. He can identify with their dreams, problems and fears. He wants to help children play an active role in their society.

In his free time, Sr. Montoya likes go out for coffee or ice cream with friends and visiting new places. He likes playing video games, reading, working out and being with people.


CMS International Intern

ana-vilaSrta. Vila (Ana)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Vila is from Ponferrada, Spain. She lives in an apartment with her mother, father and older brother. Her father is a carpenter and makes beautiful pieces of art. Her mother is an English teacher. Her brother is currently studying to become a police officer. In her town, there are many things to do and the people are very kind and sociable. She lives in the historic part of town near a castle and churches.

Srta. Vila graduated in June 2016 with a degree in Spanish philology from the Universidad de Salamanca. In Spain, philology has two parts, language and literature. She hopes to be a Spanish teacher in secondary school or teach Spanish to foreigners. She loves sharing cultures and languages with others and hopes to improve her English and teaching skills while here in the U.S.  

In her free time, Srta. Lopez likes to play sports like volleyball, basketball, skating and cycling and loves rhythmic gymnastics. She is a very active person who likes keeping busy, traveling and discovering new places.


EHSI International Interns

alejandroSr. De la Morena (Alejandro)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Sr. De la Morena grew up in Rivas and currently lives with his parents and sister. Rivas is a lovely city near Madrid. It is a good place to live and raise a family with lots of green areas with different recreational and educational opportunities.

Sr. De la Morena graduated this summer with a degree in Elementary Education with a specialty in Physical Education as well as an associates degree in Sports Education and looks forward to his future as a teacher. He loves teaching and wants to improving his English and teaching skills as well as learn about American culture and our education system.

In his spare time, Sr. De la Morena likes to go out with friends and play sports.  Sports are an important part of his life and enjoys most of them. He is horrible at ice sports and wants to learn how to skate this winter. He also likes reading, watching movies, theatre and playing games at home. He likes to keep busy and plans to enjoy every moment of his experience here in Minnesota. He wants to contribute as much as he can to the people that are giving him this incredible opportunity.


ana-gomezSrta. Gómez (Ana)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Gómez grew up in the countryside of Santa Ana in Lempa River. She now lives in the city with her mother, younger sister and uncle. She also has an older brother. Lempa River is a beautiful, peaceful place with kind hearted people. Life is simple there and there are no cars or busses. As a young child, she remembers playing soccer, baseball or marbles on the street after school and hanging out on weekends with her best friend.

Srta. Gómez is studying to earn her bachelor’s degree in education and English at Universidad Catolica de El Salvador. She loves teaching English and spending time with her classmates from the university. 

One of Srta. Gómez’s favorite things to do is go running in the mornings. She also enjoys visiting her family as often as she can. They are a very close family and support one another in everything they do.



angelicaSrta. Alvardo (Angélica)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Alvarado lives in San Salvador with her family. She comes from a family of eleven and is the youngest of all the girls in her family. Her family is very important in her life and they always help each other.

Although El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, it has beautiful landscapes including beaches, volcanoes, hills and historic sites.

Srta. Alvarado is studying applied linguistics and is in her fifth year of studies at the university.  

In her free time, Srta. Alvarado likes to read, watch movies, listen to music, go out with friends and play with her nephew. She enjoys going to the beaches, mountains and other tourist attractions in her country.



claraSrta. Baño (Clara)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Baño lives in Galapagar which is about 40 minutes from Madrid. She lives with her father and her younger sister. Her father is a teacher and an architect. With Madrid close by, she visits often going to museums, concerts and shopping with her friends. Her mother also lives in Madrid. She has a young kitten named Sugus.

Srta. Baño graduated in June 2016 with a degree in pre-school education specializing in music from Universidad de Valladolid, campus de Segovia. While studying, she has worked as a private guitar teacher, tutor and babysitter. She volunteered as a teacher in Ghana for two months and did her student teaching in London for three months as part of earning her degree. She looks forward to learning about American traditions and wants to continue teaching when she returns to Spain.

In her spare time, Srta. Baño likes to travel, ski, read books, watch movies, ride her bike and walk in the mountains. She volunteers all school year as a scout group leader for 6-9 year olds. She likes being around people and staying busy.



danySr. Reyes (Dany)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Reyes was born and lives in San Salvador with his mother. He has four siblings, three sisters and one brother. He also has three nephews. His family is very close and supportive of each other. 

Sr. Reyes is currently studying to earn his bachelor’s degree in education. He is specializing in education technology used by teachers. He is very dedicated to his studies and teaching and loves implementing what he has learned so far. He has teaching experience teaching basic English at the Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights in El Salvador.

In his free time, Sr. Reyes likes to spend time with his family and close friends. One of his hobbies is playing musical instruments. He plays the guitar and Andinos instruments including quena and zampoña. These are traditional Central American wood wind instruments.



david-mejiaSr. Mejía (David)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Mejía was born in Bogotá and lives in an apartment there with his mother, sister and two cats. His father died four years ago from cancer. He lives on the north side of the city in a neighborhood call Chapinero, one of the oldest in town. It is convenient because he is close to everything like shopping, museums and parks.

Sr. Mejía graduated in October 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, English and French from the University of La Salle in Bogotá. He has experience working at an English institute in Bogotá, as a tutor and a music teacher for children. Sr. Mejía’s sister is also a teacher and is now studying English so she can teach at a bilingual school.

In his free time, Sr. Mejía likes to travel, drive his car, play with his cats, play video games, ride his bike and spend time with his girlfriend. He also loves music, plays the guitar and is part of a band. His dream is to become a professional musician someday.



david-sanchezSr. Sánchez (David)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Sánchez lives in Bogotá with his parents and grandmother. Although he is an only child, he has grown up very close to other members of his large extended family and thinks of several of his cousins as his siblings. He also has a two-year-old pug named Beckham. 

Sr. Sánchez expects to graduate in April 2017 from the Institución Universitaria Colombia Americana with a bachelor’s degree in bilingual education. He recently completed his first student teaching at a public school in Bogotá where he was assigned to pre-school, first and second grade as an English science teacher.  It was his first experience working with children, and he truly enjoyed it while learning a lot from the students. He has also worked as an interpreter at educational fairs where he learned about the Amity intern program.  He feels this program will be a great opportunity to grow professionally, culturally and personally.

In his spare time, Sr. Sánchez playing video games, listening to music, taking pictures, camping, trying new foods and hanging out with friends.



elisaSrta. Santos (Elisa)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Santos is from Santander, a small city in the north of Spain. She comes from a small family and lives with her parents and younger brother, Bruno. She also has a dog named Noa. 

Srta. Santos graduated this summer with a degree in early childhood education. She loves working with children and is the reason she decided to become a teacher. She has studied outside of Spain in the Czech Republic and Galway, Ireland. Studying abroad has made her realize she wants to continue traveling to meet new families and learn about new cultures and education systems. She is excited to share typical Spanish customs with her host family and students at Eagle Heights.

In her spare time, Srta. Santos loves to play sports. She believes sports help us to be physically and mentally healthy and plays sports daily. She also likes reading, traveling, watching movies and going to the theatre. Over the past 4 years, she has participated in several volunteer opportunities. Last summer she volunteered in several schools in Ecuador, and this summer she volunteered at an animal shelter.



erikaSrta. Aguilera (Erika)

El Salvador   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Aguilera lives in a house with her parents, sister and brother. Her father is an ambulance driver and a lawyer. Her mother is a secretary. Her sister is studying to be a doctor and works at the National Hospital in El Salvador while her brother is earning a degree in science. They love spending time together.

Srta. Aguilera is studying for her bachelor’s degree in English at the Universidad Gerardo Barrios. While studying at the university, she has worked as a teacher for high school students and volunteered as a teacher’s assistant to gain practical experience. She hopes this opportunity will help her improve her English and become a better teacher.  

In her spare time, Srta. Aguilera likes to listen to music, play with her pets, talk with her family and friends, and read books. 



germanSr. Abramo (Germán)

Spain   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Abramo was born and raised in Carracedo del Monaterio which is a small village in the Northwest province of León.  He currently lives with his parents and has one sister. Near his village is Las Médulas, an ancient Roman gold mine that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Sr. Abramo graduated in May from the University of Valladolid with a degree in education.  While he studied at the university, he worked as a coach and has worked as a lifeguard and summer camp counselor. He has wanted to be a teacher since he was a child and loves teaching others, especially sports.  He hopes to learn a lot from the families and teachers at Eagle Heights.

In his spare time, Sr. Abramo likes to go out with friends and participate in sports like running or football. He loves all kinds of sports. He also enjoys traveling, meeting new people, watching movies and listening to music. He likes to keep busy and enjoys helping people with whatever they need. 



jordiSr. Vargas (Jordi)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Sr. Vargas was born and lives in Bogotá, the capitol city of Colombia. He lives in a house with his mother, father and one of his sisters. He has three siblings, two sisters and a brother. His father is a retired soldier, and his mother works from home selling by catalog. He is very thankful for his wonderful family.

Sr. Vargas is earning a degree in education in English, Spanish and French in Bogotá. He decided to study education because he thinks it is the most important thing for a society to learn and gain knowledge. He loves being a teacher and seeing his students learn and have fun in his classes. He has mostly worked with children and has some experience with teenagers as well. 

In his free time, Sr. Vargas likes reading, writing, singing, playing guitar and going out with friends. He loves traveling and learning about different places. He has always dreamed of traveling abroad and is why he decided to participate in the Amity intern program. He is grateful for this opportunity and hopes it will have a positive impact on his life.



linaSrta. Robayo (Lina)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Robayo lives with her parents and grandmother in Bogotá. She is an only child. They are a small but united family always supporting and encouraging each other to be the best version of themselves.

Srta. Robayo is earning a degree in language education at Universidad Libre. She has learned English, Spanish and French. In 2013, she volunteered in Quito, Ecuador and taught English to children 5-12 years old. While volunteering, she lived with an Ecuadorian family for three months. In 2015, she went to Foshan, China for 10 months and taught Spanish and English to adults and children. 

In her free time, Srta. Robayo likes spending time with family, students, coworkers and friends. She is looking forward to coming to the U.S. to learn new customs, share her customs, practice English and teach Spanish.




mafeSrta. Arias (Maria or “Mafe”)

Colombia   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Arias lives in an apartment in Bogotá with her parents, brother and dog, Tiara. Her nickname is “Mafe”, the first syllable of her first and middle name. This is a common practice in her country. Her family has been very supportive of all her plans and future goals.

Srta. Arias earned her degree in languages and humanities from the Universidad Libre de Colombia this past April. She can speak English and French and would like to continue to learn more languages. She likes languages because they can provide better job opportunities and help us learn about different cultures and people around the world. She has experience as a private English teacher. 

In her spare time, Srta. Arias likes reading books, going on walks or bike rides, hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, singing and drawing. She likes to take advantage of every opportunity to learn something new and get to know different places and people. She is excited to come to Minnesota to experience new things and share her culture.



valeriaSrta. Soto (Valeria)

Chile   |   Full Year   |

Srta. Soto has lived in Temuco, Chile since she was born. She lives in a house with her mother, father, younger sister and grandmother. Near Temuco there are several towns surrounded by lakes, mountains and hills.  Many tourists come to visit the national parks and practice extreme sports.

Srta. Soto is studying English education at the Universidad Católica de Temuco. She is in her last year of studies. When she returns to Chile, she will have one semester of internship and then will graduate. As part of her degree program, she has assisted in classrooms once a week since her second year of studies.  She really enjoys teaching and thinking of fun activities that will create meaningful learning for her students.  

In her spare time, Srta. Soto participates in many extracurricular activities at her university.  She has been part of the university’s theater company rehearsing three times a week and performing plays. She has also worked as a promoting monitor which involves giving talks about the university programs and scholarships and participating at university fairs.



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