Ways to Support the Intern Program

Immediate Needs

We have quite a number of open committee positions, varying in time and commitment levels throughout the entire year. This link shows a detailed list of all of the open positions we are in need of volunteers for. You can sign up on the SEF Open Positions Sign Up Genius to volunteer for any of these positions. If you would like to discuss any of these positions further before committing, please feel free to reach out to SEF Chair Mary Krebs, mpkrebs9@gmail.com.

We are in need of a Host Family Coordinator for next year. Please contact Mary Krebs if you can take on this role.

We are also starting to interview interns for next year so are looking for Host and Buddy families.

Buddy Family Application – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0lInQ_zWsZz3aTF2aMGx3wlrxBgPjgsGMyOv8eDzEyuM2Xg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Host Family Application – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc0Y1vr30thCU07ZX2NH66s3j8qGxUT56_QcH2nX5OgM0BipQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Please contact Mary Krebs if you have questions on any of these rewarding opportunities.

All Year Long

Host an International Teaching Intern!

We need families to provide room and board for our interns while they are here in
Minnesota. Families can choose to host an intern for half or an entire school year.
It is a very rewarding experience for both the host family and the intern.

Information on Hosting:

Here are the requirements: 

  • Be willing to let them go after their time with you
  • Provide encouragement as they immerse themselves in our culture
  • A private bedroom and accessible bathroom
  • Provide 2-3 meals a day
  • Ability to be patient and humorous as they learn about their new family and internship

Have you ever said over and over “maybe next year”? Well this is that year!  You can commit to just half of the school year if you are new to hosting.  However, the time will go by fast so be prepared!

Don’t think you can host because you don’t live in Eden Prairie? Don’t let this stop you from applying.  It may be a viable option…let’s talk!

Can’t imagine a “stranger” living in your home?  We have lots of former host families that you can talk to about their experiences.  They will assure you it is okay to yell, skip cleaning the bathroom for a week or that a gourmet meal of Mac and Cheese with hot dogs is totally acceptable at times.

If you have ever wanted to….

  • gain a new family member
  • experience a new culture
  • create lifelong friendships
  • make a positive impact

Don’t delay!  Fill our your Host Family Application today.  In all seriousness, we can only host as many interns as we have families, so your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

If you are interested in being a Host Family, please fill out the Host Family Application today.

Become a Buddy Family

Buddy families help support the host families. They help with transportation, take the interns on family outings and are another home for the interns. Buddy families support the interns and host families for an entire school year.

Being a buddy family is a great way to connect with the interns and provide much needed support to the host families and interns.  If you want to be involved but know you cannot host an intern, buddying is the way to go!

We try to ensure that each intern has two buddy famlies for the school year.  Being a buddy family is a fun way to get to know an intern and learn about their culture, hobbies and traditions.  Share your traditions and favorite things to do in Minnesota, have them over for dinner or take them to your children’s events.  Open your student’s eyes to a bigger world!

If you are interested in being a Buddy Family, please fill out the Buddy Family Application today.

Intern Transportation

We ask families to help with the interns’ transportation needs so the burden doesn’t fall solely on the host families. Interns need transportation to classes (evenings and weekends), school events (after school and evenings) and social events (evenings and weekends). Click here to sign up to be a driver on the intern transportation website.

Intern Clothing

Our interns usually come from warmer climates and are not prepared for the winter weather here in Minnesota. We take clothing donations of hats, gloves, jackets, boots, snow pants, vests, sweaters and pants. We clean and store these items once donated and use them from year to year for each group of interns. Have warm winter clothing to donate? Contact the Intern Clothing Coordinator.

We cannot have International Teaching Interns if we do not have Host Families, Buddy Families, Transportation Volunteers or Clothing Donations to support them.

If you are interested in hosting an intern, being a buddy family, are willing to drive interns to their activities or have winter clothing to donate, please send us an email or sign up to be a driver.
Thank you!

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