Welcome to the Spanish Education Fund

The Spanish Education Fund (SEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2009. Our purpose is to raise money and recruit parent volunteers to support the International Teaching Intern Program at Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion School (K-6), Central Middle School (7-8) and Eden Prairie High School (9-12).

Interns from Spanish speaking countries from around the world assist teachers and students in classrooms at these schools, providing a unique educational resource that has been proven extremely valuable to language acquisition, by bring their language and cultures to life. As a result, students become more confident in their ability to communicate in Spanish and create connections to people and places outside of their own world.

In addition to fundraising, we work with school staff to review and select intern candidates, recruit host and buddy families for the interns from our parent community for the duration of their stay, collect donations of winter clothing, organize parent volunteers to provide transportation for interns, and many other things to ensure interns have a positive experience while in the U.S. gaining valuable experience in the field of education.


Our Mission

Support the Eden Prairie Spanish immersion program, through sustainable funding, to host the best volunteer international Spanish speaking interns and provide other educational and cultural resources.


This Month’s Newsletter



Calling all volunteers!

To learn more about SEF volunteering opportunities, check out our Volunteer page.



Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

The SEF would like to thank all the parents, staff, teachers and interns that attended this year’s 12th annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. It was a fun evening of food, dancing and games celebrating another great year of the International Intern Program and our children’s immersion education.

Through the Live Auction, Silent Auction, Cork Pull, Beer Pong Tournament and ticket purchases, we raised $9,578. Although significantly less than raised in past years, it was anticipated since this was our first year without an online auction, intentionally scaling back the event to be more of a celebration.

As you may recall, we are refocusing our fundraising efforts so the majority of our funds come from our Annual Contributions Campaign in the fall of each school year. It’s the easiest way to support the intern program… write one check at the beginning of the school year, and you are done!

Thank you again to everyone who attended Cinco and celebrated and supported the International Intern Program!


Make Your Annual Contribution

Did you know… 100% of your Annual Contribution goes to the SEF and is the primary source of funding for the International Teaching Intern Program? It’s easy to contribute, just use the donate button below.




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