International Teaching Intern Program

Intern Program

Interns come to our schools each year to assist teachers and students in our classrooms, participate in school community activities, take part in professional development days to enhance their own education, and share their culture with students and families at annual intern festivals as well as everyday.

About the Program

Learn more about the International Intern Program at Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion School, Central Middle School and Eden Prairie High School.   Learn more…

Meet the 2022-2023 Interns

The Spanish Education Fund is excited to introduce the 13 interns we have supporting our immersion teachers and students at Eagle Heights, CMS and EPHS!

From Intern Coordinator Daniela Garcia:

The Interns enjoyed a restful and restorative winter break. Although their “winter break” looked different than previous years, they had the opportunity to create new special moments with friends and family. On January 11th, we had our first Intern meeting of the year where the interns shared some of their winter break moments. Some interns spent time with each other while others visited family in other states. Maura Herrera, EHSI Intern from El Salvador, shared that every new year she would watch the Rose Parade on Television with her grandpa. This year, she was able to go to California and be there LIVE. It was an extraordinary experience for Maura although she truly missed her grandpa.

It was great to hear all the amazing things the interns have been doing so far and the plans they have this upcoming year. Now that we’re all back in school, I am looking forward to all the events that spring brings such as our CInco de Mayo Fiesta. Thanks for all your love and support you bring to our Intern Program!

Past Intern Updates

Where are they now?

Carolina Cerpa was an intern at EHSI during 2017-2018. Check out her video here.

Mely Asprilla was an intern at EHSI during 2018-2019. Check out her video here.

Alberto Obregón was an intern at EHSI during 2017-2018. Check out his video here.

Marta Esteban, Eddy Quintero, David Gómez, Gaby Mendez were interns at EHSI during 2019-2020). Check out their video here.

Intern Program Videos

Watch our videos and learn how the intern program has impacted students, host families, teachers and our schools.   Watch videos…

Meet the 2021-2022 Interns

Read the bios and see pictures of our 2021-2022 International Interns. Learn about their home countries, interests and hobbies.   Read bios…

Meet the 2019-2020 Interns

Read the bios and see pictures of our 2019-2020 International Interns. Learn about their home countries, interests and hobbies.   Read bios…

Past Interns

Take a look into our intern program’s history. See pictures, names and countries of past interns.


While interning at EHSI, CMS and EPHS, our interns love getting out and exploring all they can here in Minnesota, but getting transportation to do these things can be challenging. The SEF has set up an Intern Transportation web site where families can sign up to drive and interns can see their transportation options.

We Need Your HELP!  

Please sign up for at least one or two time slots on the Monthly Driving Schedule. Pick a month, day of the week and time slot that would work for you. If an intern needs transportation at that time, they will contact you. If everyone signs up for a slot, we will fill the calendar!!

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