Annual Contributions

All year long with focus in August & September

  • While contributions are accepted all year long,
    we encourage families to contribute in August and September to help us plan more effectively for next year.
  • Primary source of funding for the International Intern Program.
  • 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Spanish Education Fund. Ask your Human Resources Department about a Corporate Matching Program. Corporate matching funds significantly increase the funds we raise. 
  • Your contribution is tax deductible.
  • Donate online and spread your payments out monthly, details below.


Payment methods:  

    Make checks payable to the 
    Spanish Education Fund and mail to:
    SEF Treasurer, 9570 Sky Lane, Eden Prairie, MN 55347
    Make your donation ONLINE!!
    Use DONATE button >>


How to make monthly annual contribution payments online

Setting up monthly Annual Contribution payments is easy and spreads out your donation making it easier on your budget too!


Step 1:  Go to the SEF home page ( Scroll to the Fundraising section of the page.

Step 2:  Click on the “donate” button in the Fundraising section, see figure 1, or in the side bar along the right-hand side of every page.  

Figure 1

Step 3:
  On the PayPal page, fill in the amount you want to donate monthly in Box 1 and check the “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” box.  See figure 2.

Figure 2

Step 4:
  If you have a PayPal account, sign in and complete transaction.

Step 5:  If you do not have a PayPal account and want to pay by credit card, fill in the information below and complete transaction.


Questions about how to set up monthly Annual Contribution payments, contact Andrea Mohan or Nudrat Iqbal.



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