International Teaching Interns

About the Program

interninclass2The SEF utilizes the services of Amity Institute to identify applicants to be volunteer International Teaching Interns at Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion School (EHSI), Central Middle School (CMS) and Eden Prairie High School (EPHS).

What do International Teaching Interns do? 

  • Serve as models of language and culture in US schools 
  • Assist in the classroom 
  • Take English classes and live with American Host Families
  • Bring their languages and cultures to life; engage and motivate students and leave them with new confidence in their ability to communicate across borders
  • Inform and inspire; helping students better understand other parts of the world
  • Shape the local community’s perspective on their country, its culture and people
  • Learn about US culture and gain a deeper understanding of their own 
  • Return home and share what they have learned and experienced with their own communities

What do we look for in International Teaching Intern applicants?

  • A strong interest in interacting with elementary and secondary school aged children   
  • An interest in sharing their culture
  • Ability to live with others, such as host families, and respect the family’s values and house rules
  • English proficiency
  • Interest in learning about American culture

How can I become a volunteer International Teaching Intern at Eagle Heights, CMS or EPHS?

Volunteer International Teaching Intern applicants who want to come to Eagle Heights, CMS or EPHS must first be accepted to be sponsored by Amity Institute.

Amity Institute – Intern Teacher Program
5030 Camino de la Siesta, Suite 206
San Diego, CA 92108, USA
Tel. 619-222-7000
Fax 619-222-7016
Amity Institute Web site

When the applicant applies to Amity, they must specifically state in their application that they want to come to Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion School, Central Middle School or Eden Prairie High School in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA.  In addition to applying to the above agency for sponsorship, applicants should contact the SEF Intern Program Coordinator (email link below) so the Intern Program Coordinator knows the applicant’s interest and can make sure the applicant’s information is received from Amity for reviewed.  

Once the applicant’s information is received from Amity by the SEF Intern Interview Coordinator, the applicant will be contacted by phone or email in their home country by the Intern Interview Coordinator for an interview via Skype.  If the coordinator recommends an invitation for the applicant, the applicant will be formally invited to come to Eagle Heights, CMS or EPHS by the sponsoring agency.

Click here to email the SEF Intern Program Coordinator.

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