Our History


wpd417f662_05The Spanish Education Fund began in February 2009 as the Alternative Funding Committee. The group explored alternative ways to fund the International Teaching Intern Program by looking into fundraising, sponsors and grants.

It eventually became important for this group to become an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thus, the Spanish Education Fund (SEF) was born. Upon approval of the EHSI parent body, the group completed the necessary application paperwork for 501(c)(3) status and wrote articles of incorporation. EHSI parents then approved the articles of incorporation and elected a board of directors.

The Spanish Education Fund now runs as a separate, but parallel, group to the EHSI PTO. The SEF supports the International Teaching Intern Program and maintains the budget for that program. The SEF expanded the intern program the 2014-15 school year to include Central Middle School and Eden Prairie High School where interns are now an important component of the secondary Spanish immersion experience providing a unique educational resource to both teachers and students.


Board of Directors

Toni Alcantar, SEF Chair

Trent Riggs, SEF Vice-Chair

Andrea Mohan, SEF Treasurer

Pam Noll, SEF Secretary

Jody RannowMichelle Wieser, EHSI PTO President


Standing Committee Chairs

Sandi Lindquist, SEF Intern Committee Chair

Katie Foley, SEF Communications Chair

Nudrat Iqbal, SEF Fundraising Chair


Board Meetings

All meetings are from 7-9 pm at Piper’s Coffee & Burger Bar in Eden Prairie (formerly JJ’s Coffee & Wine Bar). Parents and staff are welcome to attend.

August 12  |  September 9  |  October 7  |  November 11  |  December 9  |  January 6  |  February 10  |  March 10  |  April 14  |  May 19  |  June 9


Important Documents

SEF Articles of Incorporation

SEF Bylaws

SEF Conflict of Interest Policy

SEF 2017-2018 Annual Report




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